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Refinancing a mortgage can be a tricky and lengthy  process where many factors must be taken into consideration. There is a lot of margin for error when homeowners decide to sell a property without any legal counsel but with the help of Pace Law’s real estate lawyers and our high success rate, we ensure a successful transaction by simplifying the process, preventing scams and protecting your interests.


Mortgage refinancing fees vary from situation to situation. Contact Pace Law real estate lawyers to determine which fees are applicable to your matter. Mortgage repayment penalties, mortgage discharge fees, mortgage registration fees, any legal fees with a standard mortgage, and legal fees with collateral mortgage are all fees associated with mortgage refinancing. Hiring a Pace Law real estate lawyer will ensure no hidden or obliterated fees.

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A mortgage refinance is done when you break your current mortgage and start a new one. Due to the fact that refinancing a mortgage is a serious and long-term commitment, it is difficult to gauge whether refinancing a mortgage is the right strategy as  it is dependent  on your individual priorities and financial situation. At Pace Law real estate, we always have your best interest in mind and will provide you with the best possible legal counsel by assessing your unique situation.

Although most mortgage lenders require a credit check before you refinance, there are limited ways that you can refinance your mortgage with a low credit score. In some cases adding a co-signer to your loan allows lenders to consider and take into account both credit scores. Alternately, there are loans offered to help individuals who want to refinance their mortgage and have a low credit score. Contact Pace Law real estate to have us assess your situation and assist you in refinancing your mortgage.

There is no limit to the number of times, however, waiting periods (between the time you close on a loan and refinance to a new one) may vary in length depending on your lender.

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Pace Law real estate lawyers are committed to drawing on their extensive legal knowledge and expertise in meeting our clients’ needs for legal advice, guidance, and representation. Representing our clients in addressing a wide variety of matters each varying in complexity – has allowed us to further develop our knowledge of and insight into the commercial realm, while furthering our impressive record of strong, accomplished advocacy.