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Nick Simone

On March 1, 2020, Nick Simone was appointed President of Pace Law Firm. Pace Law has been in existence since 1981. Today, more than 120 legal professionals across five offices in Ontario serve clients in thirty eight languages. Pace Law helps clients achieve positive outcomes in litigation, personal injury and immigration.

In September of 2019, Nick Simone was appointed CEO of Pace Global Advantage (PGA). PGA was founded in 2011 with the main goal to provide business facilitation support to Pace Immigration. PGA today serves international businesses, and individuals who want to enter the North American market.

From March 2007 to April of 2011 he was the President of Walton Capital Management, a land based asset management firm. He was responsible for establishing an Exempt Market Dealership for Walton. He has a deep understanding of the capital markets platform in Canada and has worked in that area since 1999.

From 2011 – March 2017, he was the President and owner of Qualified Financial Services, a managing general agency with over 1000 Insurance and Investment Brokers with 8 offices in Ontario East to the Atlantic Region. He currently remains as a Senior Consultant for Qualified Financial Services.

He is also the President of Micari Consulting, a private consulting company. Micari Consulting works in the areas of strategic growth planning, business evaluation and business development, with a focus on international business.

Nick Simone has over 35 years of business experience. He has been proficient in building sales teams, establishing targets and creating environments conducive to peak-level performance. He is an entrepreneur with varied and valuable experience in the financial services sector.