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Growing Ontario Real Estate Market calls for Reputable Lawyers

With Ontario’s booming real estate market, reputable lawyers acquire the valuable knowledge and expertise in ensuring a successful and efficient transaction process. Hiring a reputable Ontario real estate lawyer, early in the home-buying or selling process, can save you time, risk and (surprisingly) money!

Assist in Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions can be an unnecessarily long process. With over 40 years of experience, Pace law provides its clients with the highest level of expertise combined with new innovative transaction processes to ensure a successful and efficient real estate transaction. Hiring a Pace Law real estate attorney will ensure a seamless legal transaction process in an effective and timely manner while remaining committed to ensuring your interests always come first– our guiding principle.

Analyze, draft, and explain legal documents

Pace law’s real estate lawyers and associates will ensure thorough understanding of the agreement of sale and other required legal documents before the signing process.


Ontario real estate lawyers know the ins and outs of Ontario’s legal procedures in regards to real estate. At Pace Law Real Estate, we understand that purchasing or selling a property can be quite meticulous and confusing; from the actual transactions to the specific language used in the required documents, it’s common for the average person to acquire professional assistance. As a result of the complexity of this process, an Ontario real estate lawyer can provide legal counsel and help tackle any potential confusion/problems that may arise during and even after closing day.


It is vitally important to involve a real estate lawyer in your real estate process- whether you’re buying or selling- as it will allow you time to ask any questions in regards to the extensive and complex completion of paperwork/documents.

Avoid hidden fees while closing on house (closing assistance)

As a new homebuyer, it’s normal to take the listed price of a property at face-value and overlook any additional or hidden fees which typically unveil on closing day. As with many government forms and documents, hidden fees can take you by surprise at any given time, especially when it comes time to closing on real estate properties. Seeking legal counsel from a reliable and reputable lawyer would not only aid in assisting you complete the signing process with the utmost attention to detail, but it would also save you money in the long-run by ensuring a successfully completed transaction— free of any hidden fees.

Title commitments

A title commitment is an insurance policy that protects owners and their lenders against losses related to the property’s title or ownership. Both residential and commercial properties can be insured. Some examples of residential properties include; houses, condominium, cottages, rental units, vacant land, cooperatives, leased properties, and rural properties. Examples of commercial buildings which you can obtain a title commitment for are; office buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, rental units, warehouses, vacant commercial land, and leased commercial properties. Although a title commitment is not a requirement in Ontario, acquiring one for the small fee will help save you thousands of dollars in the long-run.


With the help of Pace Law’s legal counsel, we simplify the daunting process for our client’s by preventing scams from predatory lenders (lenders who impose unfair loan terms to exploit borrowers,) analyzing, drafting, and thoroughly explaining legal documents, all while protecting your interests at all cost. At Pace law, our highly reputable staff members take a client-first approach to ensure diligent and efficient completion of legal documents and a smooth transaction process. 


Contact Pace Law Real Estate Lawyers in Toronto and Etobicoke if you need help understanding what you might be entitled to. Book your free consultation today by visiting our office or talk to one of our seasoned attorneys for legal counsel.